Since opening doors in 2017, Your Pie Thornton has raised nearly $12,000 for local charities and donated more than 250 pizzas to organizations across the community—all in the name of being good neighbors.

For owners Kevin and Michelle Hansen, community means being fully immersed and supporting the causes that matter most to the people of Thornton.

“From the beginning, it was important that our friends and neighbors came to see our franchise as an integral part of their community,” said Michelle. “We knew we wanted to align with a brand that would allow us to have a positive impact, both in and outside our walls. We’ve been able to do just that through partnerships with local schools, organizations, nonprofits and individuals in need.”

From hosting benefit nights for the local high school, to providing meals for low-income students who often go hungry on weekends; from offering a gift card for a charity silent auction to hosting a fundraiser for the local barber who was hospitalized after a car accident—it’s not a marketing strategy. It’s a genuine desire to use the Your Pie platform as a force for good in the community they call home.