Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Your Pie different?

Our pizza is the best, end of story. Kidding! (Sort of.) Founded in Athens, Georgia in April 2008, Your Pie is the original fast-casual pizza concept. Since day one, we’ve used hand-tossed dough, a family marinara recipe, homemade dressings and the freshest ingredients we can find. Since day one, we have offered local craft beer selections to perfectly compliment guests’ pizza creations. Each Your Pie location hand picks their own beer selection! Food and family come first in Italy, so we want Your Pie to be a place for friends and family to gather and enjoy each other’s company. We realize that hospitality is in the details, so we ask your name when you order, offer extra sauce or dressing for dipping, and deliver food to your table when it’s ready. We look forward to showing you the Your Pie difference during your next visit!

Why do you only have one size pizza?

Your Pie offers 10” pizzas so that each guest can create their own individual pie! Guests can customize their pizzas with no need to compromise. No more picking off olives or bargaining over meat versus veggies. Also, if you solve the great pineapple debate, please let us know!

Why does my pizza look charred sometimes?

Each pizza and panini are cooked to order in our signature brick oven. Sometimes, bubbles or charring on the edge or the bottom of the pizza occurs based on the time needed to cook your handcrafted pie. Our team is committed to helping you create your perfect pie, so we even offer custom cook times, too! If you ever want your pizza overcooked or undercooked, just ask!

Can I really select any toppings for my pizza, panini, or chopped salad?

You can, but here’s some advice from our founder Drew and the culinary team: You’re not limited, but we recommend selecting your favorite five or six toppings for your pizza or panini. Limiting the number of toppings ensures your pizza or panini will be cooked correctly, which is part of what makes Your Pie super delicious. You also have the option to add more than once sauce or cheese if you’d like! Try adding garlic or oregano for extra flavor, too.

What is the difference between ice cream and gelato?

Italian Gelato is made differently than ice cream, with milk instead of cream. Its decadence comes from the rich flavors of all-natural ingredients, not from added butterfat. You would never guess it was 93 percent fat-free! Gelato is churned slower than ice cream which makes it dense and highlights the flavors. It’s a bit softer than ice cream, too, because it’s served at a slightly warmer temperature.

Is Your Pie a chain?

Your Pie is a franchised company with over 55 locations across the United States! Each Your Pie location is owned by a local member of your community. It’s important to Your Pie to connect with each community through outreach and partnership opportunities. Click here for more information on how to bring Your Pie to your community!

Where can I find prices for my local Your Pie?

Prices vary from store to store, so please find your local store here and download the menu.

Can I make a craft beer suggestion to my neighborhood Your Pie?

Absolutely! You can send a note to your store by filling out this form.

I have a great idea for a pizza, where can I share my creation?

We’d love for you to share the love on social media first! Snap a pic of your creation and tag us @yourpiepizza on Instagram or Your Pie on Twitter. You can also send your ideas in to our culinary team at [email protected].

What is Pi(e) Day?

We’re so glad you asked! Pi(e) Day is celebrated on March 14th every year. It’s a time for Your Pie show our loyal guests how much we appreciate them. We also love inviting new guests in to try Your Pie for the first time. Fun fact: we always give away cool stuff on Pi(e) Day, so don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Please see your neighborhood store for participation and details.

What is the significance of $3.14 prices I see?

Pizza wouldn’t exist without pi, so we like to celebrate 3.14 as often as possible! Check your local store for pint or pizza specials.

Do you offer gluten-free options?

We sure do! Please advise the team member if you are allergic to gluten or if it is a dietary preference. We offer gluten-free pizza dough, as well as romaine or spinach salads. Please check out this list for additional allergy information.

Is Your Pie’s Dough vegan?

Yes! All of Your Pie’s dough is vegan – White, wheat, and gluten-free!

Which of your sauces are vegan?

Your Pie’s homemade marinara, BBQ, and Buffalo sauces are all vegan. Try using olive oil as a sauce, too!

Do you have vegan cheese?

Yes, we’re proud to provide Daiya vegan cheese as an option for our guests.

Where can I find calorie information for Your Pie’s items?

Head to our NUTRITION CALCULATOR to craft your pizza, panini, or salad.

I am interested in becoming a team member, where can I apply?

We’re thrilled you’re interested in joining the Your Pie Family! You can learn more about our mission, values, and career opportunities here. We can’t wait to meet you!

What is the Your Pie Loyalty App?

You can download the Your Pie Loyalty app through the Apple App store or Google Play for Android phones. Stay in the know, receive special treats, and earn free pizza with the Your Pie Loyalty app. Download the app here.

I forgot to scan my Loyalty App, how can I receive credit for my purchase?

Send us an email at [email protected]. We’ll add the monetary credit that your purchase would have awarded you.

Does Your Pie offer catering?

Yes! And it’s delicious. Head this way to learn more about Catering and Group Ordering options.

Do you take reservations?

We do not take reservations, but if you have a large group coming in or would like to reserve space for a group, give us a shout and we’ll do everything we can to facilitate.

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