According to the Federal Ministry of Health, the vaccinations can be proven with the help of the vaccination card.

Within one day, the health authorities in Germany reported 2153 new corona infections, as the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) announced. On Saturday, the highest value since April was reached with 2297 new known corona infections. However, the number of tests was significantly lower at the time. On Thursday, the number of newly reported corona cases was 2143. +++ 06:52 Novavax goes into final test phase with vaccine +++ According to its own information, the US biotech company has started a late-phase study for its corona vaccine. Over the next four to six weeks, up to 10,000 test subjects between the ages of 18 and 84 will take part.

The development takes place in cooperation with the vaccine task force of the British government. After the start of the study, Novavax shares rose six percent in after-hours trading. +++ 06:13 Intentional corona infections planned for vaccine tests +++ According to a report, people in London are deliberately infected with the coronavirus for vaccine tests will. Healthy, adult volunteers are said to be exposed to the coronavirus under controlled quarantine conditions in the new year after they have been given a potential vaccine a few weeks earlier, as the “Financial Times” writes, citing project participants. A government spokesman for the German Press Agency in London confirmed that the company is working with partners to use “Human Challenge” tests to accelerate the development of vaccines. “” Human Challenge Trials “” – this is the English-language technical term – have the advantage that the effectiveness of a vaccine can be determined immediately. In contrast, the usual procedure is often to vaccinate tens of thousands of people and then see if fewer people become infected naturally than in an unvaccinated control group. “” Human Challenge Trials “” are, however, controversial among scientists.

Some stress the great benefit such studies could have for an entire society. Others express ethical concerns and point to the enormous health risks that infection with a pathogen such as Sars-CoV-2, which is still unexplored in many respects, could have. +++ 05:40 Brazil wants to secure vaccines for 388 million euros +++ Brazil wants to join the international vaccine cooperation Covax. To this end, President Jair Bolsonaro will create the legal basis with regulations, his office announced. 2.5 billion real (388 million euros) are earmarked for securing corona vaccines via Covax.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian Ministry of Health reported 32,817 new infections. This increases the total number of infections to more than 4.6 million. The number of deaths rose within 24 hours by 831 to a total of almost 140,000. Brazil has the highest number of infections and deaths in the coronavirus pandemic after the US and India. +++ 04:51 UN Secretary General: The pandemic is a test that we have not passed +++ UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has sharply criticized the international approach to the corona pandemic. “The pandemic is a clear test of international cooperation – a test that we essentially failed,” “Guterres custom biology essay writing service The virus has gotten out of control with more than 30 million confirmed infections worldwide and nearly a million deaths.

The reason for this is that there is a “” lack of “” preparation, cooperation, unity and solidarity worldwide. If the climate crisis is dealt with just as confused and disorderly as the virus crisis, “” then I fear the worst, “” said Guterres. +++ 04:04 Rio de Janeiro postpones carnival +++ Rio de Janeiro postpones its world-famous carnival because of the Corona -Pandemic for an indefinite period. This was announced by the Association of Samba Schools in the Brazilian metropolis.

Every year millions of people celebrate in the streets and on the beaches at the Carnival of Rio. +++ 03:35 Laschet for traffic light system for risk assessment +++ The North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister Armin Laschet has opted for a new type of risk assessment in the corona pandemic. “Learning to live with Corona primarily means keeping a close eye on all developments. We are not only allowed to look at the numbers of infections, “” said the CDU politician to the “Handelsblatt” “. Laschet called for the capacity of the hospitals and the number of intensive care and ventilated Covid-19 patients to be included in the assessment of the situation.

The same applies to the proportion of traceable infections, the number of tests and the proportion of positive test results. “We need standardized corona monitoring for the whole of Germany that maps the development of the pandemic to specific communities,” said Laschet. He stood behind the proposal of his Corona Expert Council, which advocates a “traffic light” system. +++ 02:48 Poland is struggling with record growth +++ Poland has registered more new Corona cases than ever before since the beginning of the pandemic. The authorities recorded 1,136 new infections within 24 hours, according to the Ministry of Health in Warsaw. With 183 cases, the focus of the detected new infections was in Lesser Poland in the south of the country, but the region around Warsaw (149) and Pomerania in the west (143) were also severely affected.

The previous record was recorded on Saturday, it was 1002 new infections. A health ministry spokesman said there were no large local epidemic outbreaks. “” It’s about small outbreaks, of which there are many. That is an effect of more interpersonal contact. “” According to official information, 82,809 people have been infected with Sars-CoV-2 in Poland so far. 2369 people died in connection with the virus. +++ 02:09 149 school classes in Baden-Wuerttemberg in quarantine +++ Almost two weeks after the start of the new school year, 149 school classes in the southwest have been taken out of classroom teaching. At a total of 111 locations, classes are temporarily only taught distance learning because of an infection with the coronavirus or suspected infection.

This was announced by the Ministry of Culture in Stuttgart. A total of three schools in Ulm, Friedrichshafen and Schorndorf are completely closed for the time being. +++ 01:23 Naples region tightened mouthguard rules +++ Because of the increasing number of corona infections, people in the southern Italian region of Campania with its capital Naples have also been in the region since Thursday Wear mouth and nose protection outdoors. The measure will apply until October 4th, said regional president Vincenzo De Luca. Curfew could only be avoided with “” responsible behavior “” and “” extreme discipline “”, he warned. For the historical center of the Ligurian capital Genoa, a general mask requirement has been in effect since Wednesday.

In all of Italy masks have to be worn in all shops and between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. in busy public places. Like its European neighbors, Italy is also fighting against a second wave of corona. However, the numbers are significantly lower than in France and Spain, for example. +++ 00:57 EU summit will take place without mandatory testing +++ According to the EU Council Secretariat, the participants at the EU summit next week do not have to have a negative corona test show. “According to Belgian safety regulations, it is not necessary to show a negative test before entering the country,” a spokeswoman said on request. This differs from the German regulation, according to which participants from risk areas at EU meetings in Germany – including ministers and commissioners – have to present a negative test.

However, delegation members with symptoms will not be allowed entry, says the spokeswoman. In addition, the size of the delegations of the 27 EU governments is limited, in the EU Council building the hygiene regulations such as distance and masks would apply. The EU summit had to be postponed to next week because EU Council President Charles Michel had to be in quarantine because of contact with an infected employee. +++ 00:25 Online portal for risk area travelers will be coming on October 15th +++ Simultaneously With the introduction of a digital registration for people entering Germany planned for October 15, the federal states are to adopt new quarantine rules.

Only those who have previously been in a corona risk area need to register via the new online portal. The new test strategy for travelers “” will be introduced on the basis of a new legal basis, “” said the spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Steve Alter. For this purpose, the Ministry worked together with the Ministry of Health to develop a new model quarantine ordinance, which the Länder then have to put into effect on their own responsibility. “” For this reason, the digital entry registration will also only be introduced at this time – on October 15th “”.

According to dpa information, anyone who enters their details in the portal receives a confirmation that they should show during a control – for example at the airport by the federal police. At the same time, the data are also sent to the responsible health department. You can read about the most important developments of the previous day on the current situation around the global coronavirus pandemic here. Source:, hul / mau / rts / dpa / AFP “From next year Doctors can prescribe their patients prescriptions for health apps. (Photo: imago images / epd) The future remains uncertain. That much is certain. Apart from that, there are also many innovations and laws pending in the new year Nutrition and health are important, as the North Rhine-Westphalia consumer advice center informs. Repetitive ordinance for medicinal products Asthma, hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus: From 2020, the chronically ill will have the opportunity to receive prescriptions for the medicinal products they need as part of a repeated prescription and how often the prescribed medication can be dispensed repeatedly on the same prescription.

After the first issue, a maximum of three further “” deliveries “” by the pharmacist are possible per prescription. The doctor must also state how long the follow-up prescription is valid after the first issue. If this information is missing, the prescription remains valid for three months. The drug should always be dispensed in the same pack size.

Veterinary medicinal products are excluded from the new regulation. A person who can prove at least one doctor’s visit per quarter for the same illness for at least one year and also fulfills one of the following criteria is considered chronically ill: Prescriptions for health apps With health apps, you have the option of, for example, one Keeping a symptom diary or receiving recommendations for behavior during pregnancy. From the second quarter of 2020, doctors will probably be able to write prescriptions for such apps. The health insurances cover the costs. The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians must develop a security concept by March 31 and then certify the manufacturers of such apps together with the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). CE-certified, the tested apps then end up in the directory for digital health applications (DiGA directory), in which all health apps that are subject to health insurance are listed.

In addition, the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) must have checked the app according to criteria such as security, functionality, quality, data security and data protection and as a medical device. If these requirements are met, the app will be provisionally reimbursed by the statutory health insurance for one year. During this time, the manufacturer has to prove to the BfArM that his app improves patient care. How much money the manufacturer will then negotiate himself with the umbrella association for statutory health insurance In the future, there will be at least 25 per week. Higher subsidy for dentures From October, health insurances will cover 60 percent of the standard care as a fixed subsidy for bridges, crowns and prostheses. Those who use the bonus booklet to provide evidence of regular dental visits and preventive care can then count on up to 75 percent as a fixed allowance from the last quarter of 2020 (70 percent for a bonus booklet run over five years, 75 percent for a ten-year bonus booklet) The compulsory vaccination is hotly debated, now it is compulsory from March 1st: Parents must prove that their child has been vaccinated against measles before they are admitted to a daycare center, school or other community facility.

The two measles vaccinations recommended by the Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko) (the first at the age of 11 to 14 months, the second at the age of 15 to 23 months) are mandatory, as are all employees of these facilities – such as educators and teachers. and child minders born after 1970 must be vaccinated against measles from March. In the Measles Protection Act, the legislature has also stipulated the obligation to vaccinate residents and employees in asylum seekers and refugee shelters, as well as care workers. Unvaccinated children may not be admitted to day-care centers, unvaccinated staff may not work in community or health facilities. Parents whose children are already in school or attending a day-care center before March 1 must have the vaccination by July 31, 2021 at the latest prove. This period also applies to the staff in these facilities.

According to the Federal Ministry of Health, the vaccinations can be proven with the help of the vaccination card. Anyone who can no longer find it or is unsure whether there is adequate protection can contact the former family doctor or pediatrician. Patient records must be kept for at least ten years.

If you cannot find any documents at all, you can have the so-called titer, i.e. the number of antibodies, determined. If the illness has already been suffered, a medical certificate can provide proof of this. Parents who do not have their children cared for in community facilities vaccinated, as well as non-vaccinated employees in health and community facilities, can in future be fined up to 2500 euros Prohibition of menthol cigarettes From May 20, the sale of remnants of cigarettes containing menthol will be prohibited.